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Beautiful car man Kacsint Arent you on R3v?

Hungary    2    2011.01.28. 12:08
2007.08.09. 15:51   

Site Admin
Hi BMW Fans,

I picked up this car from the junk yard for $200 in September 2006. It was a 1989 US Spec BMW 325iC convertible. Every body panel on the car was damaged, the motor was shot and the interior torn and disintegrating, in addition - the convertible top was ripped and all the lights were broken. This car was destined for the crusher.

I knew I always wanted to have an e30 m3 convertible but since none were imported into US and sold thru the BMW, I had to either go thru the headache of finding one in Europe, checking it out and shipping it here and then federalizing (not an easy task since there were only something like 800 of them ever made almost 20 years ago) OR building myself a car according to my own specs and designs

I started to collect parts necessary for the conversion long before I found the car. I bought genuine e30 m3 fenders, sideskirts, bumpers, quarter panels, all of the gaskets, rubber seals, etc...

Since I already own and e30 m3 with the euro e36 M3 S50B32 6 cylinder engine, I knew that I wanted that motor in my car for much more torgue and HP. This was going to be a nice cruiser, not a race car, so I chose US E36 M3 S52 OBDII motor with 5 speed gear box. For that I bought a complete car, crashed E36 M3, which we took appart and removed the engine/tranny/wiring harness and all the other necessary parts

The car was brought to Azevedo Motorsport in Linden, NJ, who is is the maestro of BMW motor swaps. I've decided that I wanted to paint the car in Ferrari red, I love this color and it really screams, I also think it suits the nature of this flamboyant convertible.

First thing that Rui Azevedo did was to take everything out of the engine bay to repaint it and to shave it for a smoother look. The engine bay received some extensive body work along with shaving and reinforcing

The motor is 1999 US Spec e36 M3 BMW S52 engine. We kept the OBDII (very rare for e30 swaps) using the adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Also we installed new alluminum radiator, UUC lightweight flywheel, UUC Carbon Kevlar race clutch. All the hoses, clamps, belts etc are brand new BMW OEM parts
The exhaust is UUC race 3.25" straight with doubble - round stainless tips 3.25 Rear diff with M-Roadster vented diff cover

We also installed brand new suspension which consists of:

Bilstein motorsport shocks
Bilstein sport springs
GC adjustable camber plates
Ireland Eng. Race Bushings and swaybars
PTG Motorsport Front front strut tower brace

In addition, we switched from OEM 4 lug to BMW E30 M3 5 lug suspension using all the genuine e30 m3 parts

Later the brakes were upgraded to BREMBO BIG RED 13.8" Porsche front calipers with Euro cross drilled rotors and e30 m3 rear calipers with Euro cross drilled rotors, stainless steel brake lines, Racing high temp brake fluid.

The body now features custom parts:

Euro shadow-line black window trip, custom painted body color convertible boot lid
E30 M3 Evo II front spoiler with carbon fiber splitter
Gr. A DTM Carbon fiber mirrors, DTM single wiper conversion
Front Hella Euro smoked smiley headlights with Xenon lighting, Euro grills, custom Porsche front tow hook
Front custom smoked turn signals and custom smoked Fog lights with Xenon lighting
Smoked Startec tail lights, Euro license plate holder

Next stop was the interior. We replaced the carpet with brand new black OEM BMW carpet e46 M3 genuine mats.

The door and rear panels are now black leather with genuine BMW motorsport cloth inserts Front and rear seats are black leather with genuine BMW motorsport cloth inserts White instrument gauge faces, red needles, carbon instrument surrounds with alluminum rings Alpina steering wheel, BMW Motorsport shift knob, custom stiched alacantra shift and emergency brake boots.

The stereo is Blaupunkt with sony speakers and custom wiring, the car has air horns and anti-theft alarm
The car has brand new OEM convertible black soft top, I just purchased a hard top which I think of painting to match the car.

The rims are 18x8 and 18x9 BBS LM replikas with 215/35/18 and 235/30/18 tires. I am waiting for a set of genuine BBS LMs to arrive in August from the BBS of Japan.

weitere Fotos (Vorsicht: halbnackte Girls inside) http://www.powerfanatics.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-44214




(text from: e30.de)

   1305    2005.11.25. 01:11
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