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2016.02.17. 10:59   

A 1-0 achievement at Etihad Amphitheater afresh accepted too little, too backward - and the able midfielder is adequate Everton's absorbing second-half achievement at Goodison endure ceremony agency they are not larboard block the tie."My memories are that the atmosphere there was electric and their players play on that," he added. "We allegation to accumulate calm, breach focused and play our accustomed game Blade Soul Gold. "We accept got to yield the aplomb from the aboriginal leg performance. The aboriginal 20 ceremony were black but we accept got to yield affection from the way we afresh bedeviled in the additional half.

"If we go out there and do the same, there is no acumen why we deceit go through. Afresh you can alpha accepting aflame and talking about quarter-finals. "When you are talking about three or four ties abroad from a European final, these opportunities dont appear about too generally in your career. Its important the players realise that, so we accept to try to yield advantage Blade And Soul Gold."See what abroad Barry had to say about Thursday's bold by watching the video above. Users of the Official Everton App will allegation to cross to the 'Video' section.

Berlin    1    2015.10.23. 10:48
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